An Education Institution of Believers Church

About School

bcmcs-school1BCMCS is a house of learning based on academics and on values . In this pursuit, we integrate traditional modes of learning with the newly emerged e-learning. We take care to see that the qualities of the heart are not swamped by those of the mind.

With a team of well qualified, experienced and dedicated staff, training is imparted by using modern techniques and technology. The school library and information centre, modernized computer lab, and well equipped Science labs, help scholars to develop a spirit of research, a sense of independent work and a high level of academic achievement.

Systematic physical education, music and art education help to build up disciplined personality and aesthetic sense, which altogether works for the holistic development of the children of Believers Church Mahatma Central School.

To this end, a number of innovative steps have been taken to update the child. Various initiatives are being incorporated into the formal frame work of the curriculum of the school.

BCMCS is a Minority Educational Institution.