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School Annual Report-2018-2019

Most respected  Guests on and off the dias a very warm good evening

With the permission of the Chair, may I present the School Annual Report of the academic year 2018-2019. Before going to the detailed report, let me thank God Almighty for his showers of blessings and protection for my kids in the midst of all natural calamities and dangers. I remember with gratitude the immense love, care and  the spiritual guidance of His H Most. Rev. Dr. Moron Mar Athanacious who is the patron of the school.

Believers Church Mahatma Central School aims at the holistic development of each and every child while imparting knowledge to them.The motto of this academic year is My Education My future and we succeeds in fulfilling our motto through various activities.

Staff Orientation Programme.

Before the onset of the academic year, we had a one week staff orientation programme in the school.Two teachers  attended  the capacity building programme conducted by CBSE. 15 teachers from our school attended Teachers empowerment programme  in BCRS and chavara respectively, All the teachers  had an orientation at Believers church Cathedral  by the national trainer Dr. John M Chacko.

By the plentiful grace of the God Almighty and by the unsustained efforts and dedication  of our teachers out of the 53 students ,22 students got distinction and first classes in 10th standard board exam and we got remarkable result in the 12th standard board examinations held in 2018 March.

The Opening Day

The school opening day, ‘back to school’ and MERIT DAY marked the beginning of this academic year. we started the day with the traditional lamp lighting  ceremony. Our previous batch students who came out in flying colours were awarded in the function. We conducted an orientation programme for the Parents and the CI of Eravipuram police station Mr. Pankajakshan gave an effective classes to the parents on road safety, drug abuse and sexual harassment.


With the aim of keeping up the saga of success, the school has outlined a detailed plan to make our students excel in their academic performance.Our KG Section has a different experience of learning through the Letterland System. They go through various activities which helped them to develop their socio-emotional and cognitive skills. We provide a child centerd teaching learning process which enables each child to learn by themselves exploring their own maximum potentials.

We conduct special reading class in the morning to help the students who need extra support for reading.

In the beginning of the academic year, students were divided into Compassion, Courage, Loyalty and Wisdom houses. We also have different clubs like, Literary Club, Nature Club, Sports Club etc

Different Activities of the year-

(1) World Environment Day

We were able to induce the idea of World Environment Day slogan  Beat Plastic Pollution by making our campus a disposable free campus. The students removed plastic waste from the campus and took a pledge to protect the mother earth.  Around 5oo saplings of various trees were distributed among the students.‘ Thanks to the forest department for providing us with tree saplings. We keep a  vegetable garden in the school which was initially supported by the Eravipuram Agricultural Office. We express our gratitude to them.

Student Council

The General School election conducted in a democratic manner with ballot voting aimed at creating a sense of responsibility  and to prepare the students a better civic life in the future. The election was followed by the investiture ceremony. Master.Sebin Shaji and Kum Aswathi. S were elected as the school prefects

Hiroshima Day

On Hiroshima Day, the students had a cycle rally starting from School campus passing through the National Highway giving the message that the humanity doesn’t need any war in future. We had a road show at Mayyanad market junction.  We are obliged to the traffic police for their co-operation.

International Yoga Day

Yoga  embodies unity of mind and body. We observed international yoga day on 21 st June by practicing meditation and yoga under the leadership of the Yoga trainer Mr.Haridas.

The school has a campus radio BCMCS Spark and they conduct a number of useful and entertainment programmes.

Reading week

Reading week of this year was bases on my education my future, we had a number of knowledge filled activities. Reading Valley was the high light of the week.

Teachers Day

On teacher’s day, the students gave a pleasant surprise for the teachers by conducting a special assembly. Students took the role of teachers on that  day. We had the traditional Guruvandhanam in which students got blessing from their teachers.

Children’s Day

Children’s  day was a dedication to the students by the teachers.They organized a cultural event  for the students.

The love and care that the students of BCMCS share with their teachers  is worth noted.


One of the best practices of the school is our regular charity programme. To experience the real meaning of compassion which was the theme of the month our class 10 students spent a day with inmates of Anandhatheeream at July this year.

We joined hands with the flood relief programme. We distributed things worth 1lakh to the Alleppy flood camps. Our teachers gave a cheque for Rs 25,000/- to the Chief Ministers Distress Relief fund.  I appreciate the teachers and students who worked day and night collecting things ,visiting the camps in spite of the bad weather. Thanks to all parents who contributed whole heartedly.

World Space week

We celebrated space week in the month of October. On 9th October we had an exhibition and a replica of a space research centre was visible in the school campus.  Space recreation was an exciting experience the children had. Students had a workshop by Mr. Unnikrishnan from VSSC Trivandrum at the mini auditorium.

Kerala Piravi

We conducted different literary competitions and educative programmes on Keralapiravi.  The children took a pledge that they will  protect the heritage of our culture and Malayalam language.

Youth Festival

Our School youth festival BCMCSsymphony-2018 was held on25th October. A lot of students showcased their talents on the day. 19 students from our school participated in Vanchinadu Sahodaya Youth Festival and we got 200 points. All most all students got A grade in their items  We are proud to say that  our school team consisted of Alfiya Nizar and Alexander B Prasad won the Over all Champion ship in Quiz completion competing with 19 school of Vanchinadu Sahodaya.  congratulation to all the participants and their parents.

Sports Fiesta

We had our sports  Fiesta on 13th December.

Our School senior  Football team participated in the Believers Church Inter School championship and got certificates for their excellent performance  .We give regular coaching for volley ball and foodtball after school hours.

We teach our students to care and respect each other  without any gender bias. We give time to time counciling for our children as a part of this The students of BCMCS had a wonderful day on 30thjuly celebrating friendship and healthy relationship among them.

External exams.

The external examinations we conducted were BC Talent Search Examination, Proverb Quiz, etc Kum. Aleena of class 10 and Kum. Jayalekshmi of class 9 won cash award in quiz completion conducted by Health Department, Kollam. Six students from our students are participating in the second round Talent Hunt  by Discovery Channel, The winners of the first round were given prizes.

Sakthi Cell which the Police, teachers and parents join hand for the protection and assistance of students is actively going on in our school.

We have a new prayer hall where teachers and students come and meditate when ever they feel like doing it.

Our students were also were receivers of CBSE Merit excellence Award conducted by CBSE at SN public school.

Swatch ki Sewa is conducted in September as per the instruction from CBSE. Our students cleaned the campus and the road to our school.

90% of our students took MR Vaccination and participated in de-worming programme initiated by World Health Organization.  We had a health check up for the L P section and Health card is maintained for every student. Thanks to the Health Department for their concern.

We educate our children how to live  by developing the skills in different fields. A cookery completion was conducted for students from 1 to 9 and children enjoyed the day. The parents also participated in the completion.

So in every sense we tried to make sure that the motto of the year ‘ my education my future is reaching to  each and every student.


Owing to the shortage of time, only a brief account of the activities is presented. In short, every day is a new day for our children with enriching experiences. We start our day with an invocation to the almighty and ended graciously with a thanks giving prayer.  Our mission is to inculcate human values among children. The supporting parent community of our school needs special mention. Our students are the real asset of the school. A big thank to the whole BCMCS crew who stands along with me in all my toss and turns. . Let me conclude my words by once again thanking all our well wishers in the name of Believers Church Mahatma Central School.

Thank You

Vincy Varghese